I am not here to judge President Donald Trump. I have no conception of the trials and tribulations he endures, and how that affects his decision-making. Does he impulsively decide a course of action, or does he discuss matters rationally with trusted and knowledgeable individuals? Obviously, Congress members aren’t called upon to offer their opinions and approval.

I recall several decades ago there was a WWJD (“What would Jesus do?”) movement, and I’m wondering what Jesus would do regarding an alleged enemy. Would Jesus assassinate his enemy in a foreign land or would he love his enemy and attempt to reconcile and compromise? I believe the answer is clear.

Do we as a nation trust in God? I think not. We call ourselves a Christian nation, but our Christian principles and practices are lacking.

I am a Republican, but I struggle pledging my allegiance to our president, who openly attacks the mentally challenged, who feels women were created for his pleasure, who shunned military duty and acts more like a dictator than a president.

With a wife who blessed us with two daughters, a brother and cousin who were born with mental challenges, and a brother who died in Vietnam, I find it difficult to comprehend why my evangelical and conservative friends and neighbors continue their support of Trump. I continue to pray for our elected officials, including our president, and hope that all seek the guidance and direction of our creator, provider and savior.

Bud Hart

East Drumore Township