We should all take a look at the current state of the “Republican” Party. It is now the party of power, privilege and prejudice. It is not in favor of anything but its own brand of “greedonomics.”

It is opposed to any open debate on any subject in the United States Senate.

It is opposed to cooperating in any way with Democrats for the joint benefit of all.

It opposes any transparency of donors, political action committee members and the like. Why should political donors be so ashamed of their donations that they must do so anonymously?

It opposes truly open “town hall” meetings where any and all opinions are welcome.

I am an old guy who voted for Dwight Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater but became an “independent” as the Republican arrogance and disinterest in the individual voter became the overriding policy.

The Democratic Party has leadership problems, but its interest in the individual citizen is unquestioned, and I as an individual citizen must — as we all must — consider this when voting.

Brad Tinkham