Refraining from wearing masks and ignoring social distancing have seemingly become as much badges indicating support for President Donald Trump as wearing a red MAGA hat. Many Trump supporters proudly shop, play and pray as if COVID-19 was the Democrats’ “new hoax” that Trump once said it was.

We now know that, since early February, Trump knew COVID-19 was extremely dangerous. His stated reason for downplaying the importance of wearing masks and keeping socially distant from others no longer exists. Nobody is panicking.

Americans know the truth and can handle it, yet Trump continues to hold campaign rallies at which few wear masks and everybody is packed closely together — yelling, shouting and potentially spreading the virus. Trump knows these behaviors endanger his supporters, their families and everyone they meet.

What is his excuse now?

What are his supporters’ excuses for continuing to walk among the rest of us without wearing masks?

It sure seems they care more about supporting Trump than protecting their own health, the health of those they love and the health of our country.

Kenneth M. Ralph

East Hempfield Township