I want to thank Sen. Bob Casey’s office for helping with delivery of our mail. After calling Rep. Lloyd Smucker’s office three times and being told a form was in the mail, I called Casey’s office once and got results.

I have worked for a living and so has my husband. We are middle-class citizens who worked hard all our lives. We haven’t won the lottery or been very rich. We put food on our table, have middle-class friends, and we know people who are doing the same things we are and have the same problems.

Think hard about this: Who wants to help the middle class?

I want someone representing me who cares about the middle class, not his millions and who can best help his presidency. I want someone who is willing to pump me up, not tell me how rotten my life is and that it’s the next guy’s fault. To me that is passing the buck. Didn’t President Harry Truman say the buck stops here? What has happened? Obviously we are taking a step down. It is all of our faults who we put in the White House.

Denise Clissold