Does Congressman Lloyd Smucker believe President Donald Trump did nothing wrong? Does Smucker believe our intelligence agencies are wrong when they stated Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential election — and not Ukraine? 

Or does he agree with Trump, who advances a phony conspiracy theory supported by Russia’s president and former KGB agent Vladimir Putin? The conspiracy theory states that Ukraine and the California-based cybersecurity company CrowdStrike interfered with our 2016 election. Not Russia, Rep. Smucker?

More importantly, does Smucker support the Republican Party and Trump first and our country second? He demonstrates no independent reasoning and follows the GOP party line. He lacks the courage to speak to the facts.

Putin stated recently in Moscow that he was happy to see our government is now investigating possible Ukraine interference in our 2016 election. Are the Republican Party and Trump the useful idiots of this former KGB agent?

David Loss

Manheim Township