In response to the July 25 letter “Democrats are anti-American”: The writer apparently does not know the Constitution or what has made America great. This great country was founded on liberty and freedom. Democrats are not destroying our values; they are trying to protect our rights to our opinions and beliefs.

Racist, the Democrats? Really, you certainly have your parties mixed up. Enemies of the country? They are fighting to protect women’s rights, the Constitution, Social Security and Medicare. What is your party supporting?

The Democrats are not in complete agreement to open borders. I am not either, but to separate children and put them in cages — really? For this man in the White House to tell people of color to go back to where they came from and for few Republicans to speak out against him is disgraceful. I am proud to be an American — or at least before the crazed man came into the White House.

Republicans and Democrats have always differed; that’s what makes our country great — that we can each have our opinions. The citizens of the country have the right to choose for themselves. Many of us have searched our hearts and will continue to fight for everyone’s right to their beliefs. If you are so unhappy, there are many countries where many of your one-sided opinions might be accepted — go there.

Anita Ruff

East Hempfield Township