Since the local news channels seemingly aren’t interested in reporting this, I thought I’d share. On July 2, Armstrong Flooring in Lancaster locked out its employees and suspended all benefits (“Locked out,” July 4 LNP), which, in my opinion, is a fear tactic to get everything it wants, while giving nothing during negotiations with the union.

We have been seeing corporate tactics such as these all across our country in the hopes of destroying unions and taking away the rights of American workers.

You hear “buy American” all the time, but when things like this happen, many are too quick to judge the workers and side with corporations. May I remind you that unions are the backbone of all rights in the workplace. They fought and continue to fight for better wages and safe working conditions. They’re the reason many of us enjoy weekends off and have health benefits.

Unions are the reason child labor is illegal. Corporations are in business to make money, and lately we’ve been seeing that for many corporations, those profits mean more to them than their employees — unless, of course, you’re the executives.

Executives often make multimillion-dollar bonuses while blue-collar workers are laid off, have their wages cut, their benefits cut or their hours cut so they don’t qualify for health care. Corporations are not American citizens, so it is time we, as a country, start backing our workers who are American citizens and open our eyes to corporate greed that’s destroying American families.

Sheri Whittemore

Mount Joy Township