Impeachment was expected. It’s an idea that was pushed before President Donald Trump was in office a single day. He’s a dirty fighter — just like Democrats — with name-calling and vilification. He used the Democrats’ own tactics against them, raising their ire. So they set out to bring him down, using questionable tactics to destroy “the enemy.” Hating the guy was their key justification and selling “partisan truth” fails to fly, so the search for the “whole truth” continues.

Unanswered questions regarding the investigations into Trump’s 2016 campaign fog any clarity. Who authorized the wiretaps? Were Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court warrants legit? The Obama White House was in on Peter Strozk’s and Lisa Page’s text messages. Why?

Would a call from a U.S. president to a country about to receive millions have been applauded if the corruption questions were about anyone other than the Bidens? Was Trump’s daring to fight back (obstruct?) justified because of the obvious partisan bias? Answer the questions!

Ignoring a complete review of all facts, the left sets a low standard for what future administrations might face. “Everything Trump does is wrong” is the Democrats’ message. “Elect us, we will make it all better again,” they add. It’s a hard sell, especially with their socialist ideas and the lack of realism and management ability evident in President Barack Obama’s $9 trillion addition to our debt and the financial struggles of major cities run by Democrats.

The Democrats’ wish list, stated Jan. 4, 2019, (before the July phone call to Ukraine) by a Democratic congresswoman, that “we’re going to impeach this m-----f-----” lowered the impeachment bar, not to mention the moral tone that continues to slip away.

Melvin “Pete” Snyder

West Donegal Township