Reading the answers that our local GOP officials submitted to the LNP | LancasterOnline Editorial Board’s questions that were posed on May 12 and May 13 has reinforced my belief that their decision to partially open Lancaster County’s economy is a valid one.

The full-page version published Friday (“GOP officials respond to editorial board’s questions”), as well as their unabridged response online, provided a well-thought-out and very reasonable explanation of their decision-making process.

What prompted me to write is my feeling that this was such an unnecessary exercise. If the governor had been more transparent and if LNP | LancasterOnline would have provided more balanced coverage all along, the public would have been better informed and able to decide for themselves.

The editorial board’s demand for answers wouldn’t have been needed, as we may have all come to the conclusion that common goals of protecting public safety and saving our economy are not mutually exclusive.

There are usually more than two sides to every story. Our news outlets should report all sides, free of their own biases. While waiting for that to happen, I will eagerly anticipate Gov. Tom Wolf's response to the editorial board’s questions to his administration (“Questions for Wolf,” May 15). Hopefully, after hearing from all sides, the citizens, their representatives and the governor’s administration will be able to foster more meaningful cooperation.

Woody Gingrich

Lancaster Township

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