Concerning all the mass shootings in this country, the biggest front page headline in LNP on Aug. 9 was “It’s the guns.’’

My friends, can’t you understand? Guns have been here as long as we can remember, but the random mass shootings have not.

I believe the cause of these shootings, which began mostly in schools, is a combination of things, including taking the Bible out of schoolrooms, children not being raised with discipline, and children being raised in single-parent homes. They are not taught family values and have access to all kinds of violence and immorality in movies, television, video, internet, etc. And they are depressed because they haven’t been taught about God and spiritual values.

It is also because of divorce, which breaks up the family home, and the immorality we have accepted, such as gay marriage, abortion, etc. We are killing babies at an alarming rate and then wondering why God lets these killings happen.

We can put all the restrictions on guns that we want or totally outlaw them, but violence is only going to get worse until we realize the real answer, which is turning back to God for forgiveness and asking him to heal our country. We need a revival. The Bible tells us that if we do that, God will heal our land. Be not deceived, God is not mocked.

Amos Fisher

Salisbury Township