El Paso, Texas. Dayton, Ohio. It happened again. Twice. And, once again, our country — a fast-moving, crisis-oriented society — is slowing down for a moment, like speeding drivers on a highway who slow down to view a car crash.

Soon we will start driving again at high speed toward our individual destinations. Until it happens again.

It will happen again because our society is experiencing a political, educational and moral collapse. The collapse happened before Donald Trump became president. He’s a product of it, and is hatefully deepening it for his own self-aggrandizement, with the help of his self-serving enablers.

We need a deep renewal of our churches and educational system. Our churches need to preach and practice the blessed unity of one, all-inclusive family of God, which makes us spiritual brothers and sisters, who are on Earth to support one another in love — without exception.

Our schools need two important changes. They need to stop trying to teach children who are unteachable in the present system, and create a system in which they can learn. And they need to move from a fragmented education of unconnected subjects, which gives students an over-specialized, fragmented view of themselves and the world, and offer a holistic education in which every subject is a way of enriching our humanity and culture.

Until we make the changes and they really take hold in us, we will continue to slow down from time to time to view the carnage on our national highways.

Anthony T. Massimini