Dear Stauffer family,

Thank you for your well-run and orderly grocery store. Deciding to stop carrying plastic shopping bags for the customers’ convenience must have been difficult (“Bagging the bag,” Sept. 11). Selling in-store reusable carrying bags might bring in a few extra cents, but helping the environment to be plastic-free is a noble gesture.

So now let us move on to be more noble. You must stop selling all plastic disposable diapers; they are greater polluters after plastic bottles.

Bottles of soda, juice, milk, water, etc., will all have to go away. We do also have to consider those large unbreakable garbage bags that have helped to keep our houses, streets and alleyways free from disease, rodents and insects.

I do credit your motive to be a good steward of the environment, but one pixel does not make a high-definition picture. As users of all the conveniences that plastic has to offer, let’s not make a mockery by eliminating a convenience such as plastic grocery bags or plastic straws. We are long overdue in finding a safe, environmentally safe way of dealing long term with plastic.

Marian Rossi

Manor Township