Again, we witness actions driven by the power of a lie. This continued breakdown of civil discourse fomented by “lying liar” followers opened the gates for the Jan. 6 assault on our democracy.

The melee at the U.S. Capitol is not a fight between Republicans and Democrats, because we don’t really know what the Republicans currently stand for.

This assault was a demonstration fueled by the lies of a white supremacist, questionable businessman and hateful bigot in our White House.

It is a lie to say that Donald J. Trump won the 2020 election. It is a lie to say that Trump votes in Georgia or other states were suppressed. It is a lie to say that there were “good people on both sides.”

And for U.S. Rep. Lloyd Smucker to object to accepting our state’s certified electoral votes contributes to the lie that this was a rigged election.

That there were feces, blood and the Confederate flag in our Capitol is not a lie.

I believe there was leniency in the protective security for this announced event. These primarily white domestic terrorists were seemingly ushered into the Capitol.

That this insurgence was fueled in part by local elected officials and their followers is not a lie. We must recognize and call out these lies when we hear or witness them. Let’s not keep living in the dark.

Susan Lithgoe

Lancaster Township

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