According to “Water tower vexes leaders,” the city has not demonstrated the need for the water tower proposal near Lancaster Community Park costing an estimated $7.75 million, not including any cost overrides. So cut in half the height and cost. Where do taxpayers fit in this picture, beyond a perfunctory and often-meaningless public get-together? Township Manager Bill Laudien would like a true clarification for its need: to supply Lancaster city and Lancaster Township, or is this the back-door resolution to aid more sprawl in Millersville and Manor Township?

As far as the appropriateness of the site, many letters have offered valued concerns of this monstrosity and eyesore, soaring over nearly every property. First, property owners should have the greatest say regarding size, cost and real need. Taxpayers need to know the details and who benefits. Second, if a referendum is necessary because of the need for inconvenience, then so be it! Third, I see this as a project to satisfy developers of our farmland spaces. In her June 30 op-ed, “We should eat, and farm, as the Swiss and French do,” Doris Russ stated: “If a farmer wants to sell his farm ... any other prospective buyer must be approved by every farmer in the Valley before the property can be sold.”

Hello, legislators, municipalities and Lancaster Farmland Trust for the last 50 years: Where have you been in protecting our future generations and farming?

Robert Mclane