Letters to the editor

One of the excuses that people use for not getting a COVID-19 vaccination is that they don’t want to put anything strange inside their bodies.

In my opinion, we are all putting something “strange” inside our bodies every day.

For example, what about the polluted air that we breathe? Or the additives and preservatives that are in the foods we eat?

Then there is the nicotine in tobacco, which we have been told for decades is harmful to our health.

Last of all, what about all the illegal drugs that people take all the time? These drugs have been proven to be harmful to our health and can even kill us.

We have vaccines that are proven to be highly effective in preventing hospitalization and death in people who get infected with COVID-19. Yet some people don’t want them.

I can’t understand why some people would rather take something that is harmful or deadly, than something that can potentially save their life.

Go figure.

Dora Catherson


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