I have been experimenting with not using plastic food storage bags and instead using waxed paper bags.

I’ve sealed the waxed paper bags with a rubber band or two, which as it has turned out is plenty to keep vegetables fresh.

In fact, veggies are as fresh or fresher than in plastic — no lie. They dry out slowly but do not rot. And they continue to taste good. That is an improvement over plastic.

Also, I’ve been wrapping lunch meats, fish, etc., in plastic wrap instead of plastic bagging. This uses less plastic and, by pressing the wrapped item, air is deleted. It is air in the package that ruins food fast in the fridge.

I’ve found two sizes of waxed paper bags in many local supermarkets. Each can handle a finite amount of a fresh veggies or leftovers. So personal creativity is required.

I’ve reduced my plastic bag consumption by two-thirds. I haven't tried them for long-term freezer storage yet. But I’m betting they will handle short-term storage in the freezer.

Plastic bags are the worst for animals and the environment. The fewer used, the better off we all are.

Jerry Greiner