Regarding the Nov. 19 letter (“Local artist should create installation”) questioning the art plan for Ewell Plaza, I agree with the letter writer. 

I, too, was about to take “keyboard’’ in hand to ask why Lancaster would need to go outside the Lancaster area to hire an architect when we have so many artists here in our city and county.

In our backyard are the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design; Millersville University, which has a great art program; and wonderful artists/designers living right here. Why not have a design competition for anyone wishing to enter, and pay them a commission? Surely we can do better than the design presented by R&R Studios, which is based in Florida, no less — really?

The colored tubing that was pictured in LNP looks like a big box of crayons, which would be entirely appropriate for a Crayola factory, but not Lancaster. Come on, let the hometown folks have a chance at an appropriate art design for Lancaster — not Miami.

G.A. Hawthorne

Mount Joy