If you think COVID-19 is scary, there is something else I believe is even scarier: how much more the government is going to be involved in our lives and freedom after this panic or pandemic is over.

Look at how quickly and how much control it already has exerted over us. How much is the government going to give back to us, and how quickly, once this virus is under control?

I do take death seriously, and there is a kind of death that comes when a person loses a job and does not see any clear future of being back to work soon. Retirement and pension funds are dependent on the stock market, and there is a kind of death as retirees watch those funds quickly losing value.

How long will the government want us to stay in isolation? I have talked to widows living alone and even in retirement apartments. They are extremely lonely. I think of my father, who had Alzheimer’s. If we would not have been allowed to visit, he could have failed enough in two weeks not to know us. That isolation can be a death in itself.

Is this same kind panic going to come again next year, or the year after, when we have a new virus?

I am 73 and I am not living in fear of this virus, but I have serious concerns about what this means for the future of our country.

Kandice Null

East Hempfield Township