In the Nov. 6 letter “What it means to be a Christian,” the letter writer is wondering how a Christian can support President Donald Trump and proceeds to tell the readers what a Christian really is.

While I agree that a Christian is all of those things you pointed out, a Christian (and all citizens) needs to look at the big picture when selecting a candidate to vote for in a presidential race.

My question is, how can a Christian possibly vote for someone who is not only for abortion, but late-term abortions; is for gay marriage; is so obviously crooked and corrupt; lavishly takes care of immigrants here illegally and denies our veterans proper care; has no concern for a border wall and yet all of their mansions have huge gates or walls around them; and wants to take away our guns, etc.

These are things that many Democrats are in support of — and it’s wrong. Just wrong. Paint the picture any way you like.

You and I, as well as the president, have many character traits that might not be so appealing. But I, like Trump, love this great country and he is clearly trying to make America great. And I’m going to help him on his journey to continue doing so in 2020.

Since you — the letter writer — are a Christian, and Trump is our sitting president, my question to you would be: Do you pray for our president? That’s one step in the right direction.

April Boyer