Letters to the editor

As I’m writing this, Rudy Giuliani is asking the courts to overturn the commonwealth voters’ choice of Joe Biden for president and declare his client, President Donald Trump, the victor — even though he says he is not presenting a fraud case and has essentially presented no evidence.

Basically, he says, forget democracy.

Trump’s lawyers have presented nearly 30 cases around the country and have very little to show for it. A slew of lawyers have washed their hands of his efforts.

Meanwhile, Trump refuses to do what tradition calls for and give the president-elect access to what he needs to hit the ground running on Jan. 20.

Trump appears to be doing nothing to address the runaway pandemic. He is decapitating the Pentagon and other crucial agencies. He is intentionally undermining Americans’ confidence in our electoral system’s credibility, despite all evidence to the contrary.

If you ever voted for Trump, ask yourself why. If you have time to check his record, I believe you’ll find most of his “triumphs” are mirages, and the damage he’s caused is massive. Big talkers, as my dad reminded me as we walked the beaches of Normandy where he fought during World War II, are empty vessels. That day, we heard a guy loudly proclaiming his exploits almost 100 yards away, and my dad said, “Guys like that didn’t do anything.” A few true heroes we met later spoke about those harrowing days in a whisper.

So I say, in the future, regardless of party, vote for the whisperer.

Ronald Rogers