For me, it’s not about migrant masses huddled on our southern border, nor is it about a metal wall stretching 2,000 miles. For me, it’s not about trillion-dollar deficits or fractured international relationships. It’s not about a poor House performance, nor is it about Senate acquittal. 

For me, it’s far simpler than any of those difficult items — it’s simply about truth.

If a man can be proven to lie to you about small things, then it’s a reasonable conclusion that he will most assuredly lie to you about important things. Thus it is with President Donald Trump. I simply do not want such a man representing me. Not in matters of little importance and not in matters of great importance either.

In my view, there is a great and deep well of antipathy against our current president. I certainly hope the American people will vote in force against dishonesty.

Roger Beebe

Honey Brook