The writer of the May 23 letter “Trump handled crisis effectively” should have included all the facts before he rested his case. True, President Donald Trump banned travelers from China — except for tens of thousands of untested returning U.S. citizens. But he also delayed banning flights from Italy for a long time after it became a hotbed of the virus, which then spread to New York City. On Jan. 30, economic adviser Peter Navarro warned that a pandemic was looming, but Trump seemingly ignored him.

Finally, Trump formed a task force, but called its head “an alarmist” and replaced him with cheerleader Vice President Mike Pence. Trump dismissed the pandemic as the Democrats’ “new hoax” and predicted it would soon disappear. He approved the President’s Coronavirus Guidelines for America — and later called for Democratic-led states to be “liberated.”

In early March, both South Korea and the U.S. had only a few cases. South Korea has had fewer than 300 deaths, and the U.S. has had more than 125,000. What made the difference? South Korea immediately emphasized testing and quarantine, while Trump called testing “overrated.”

Trump complained continually about “a cupboard that was bare” because of former President Barack Obama. He’s been in office more than three years — plenty of time to restock.

Trump is solely focused on the economy and reelection! That’s effective leadership?

Paul S. Dodge

New Holland