Obviously in free fall — though unconstrained by the COVID-19 pandemic from regaling his adoring throngs with exhausting impersonations of a carnival barker — it is perhaps understandable that President Donald Trump would reinvent himself as a newly minted Bible-waving Christian. 

As he emerged from his “bunker” to pull off his stunt in front of St. John’s Church in Washington, D.C., peaceful demonstrators were violently dispersed to make way for his entourage. He posed, uncomfortably holding a Bible aloft as if it were a mere political prop and artlessly feigning Christian piety.

Roger Cohen wrote in the June 5 New York Times that Trump’s “Bible-brandishing, American Gothic portrait ... outside St. John’s Episcopal Church in Washington is one of the most disturbing portraits of psychopathic self-importance seen since 1933.”

Further, it is hardly surprising but in my view true to character, that Trump is bearing false witness — which the Bible forbids — by all but accusing Joe Scarborough, without basis, of a murder two decades ago.

We are witnessing the sad spectacle of our nation approaching terminal velocity in a downward spiral — led by a clueless vulgarian and sustained and abetted by a vast personality cult whose natural impulse is adding accelerant to the mayhem. All while an utterly bemused world looks on.

Daniel Ebersole