Donald Trump will be a political force for decades to come.

I’m not making this prediction from a position of preference. But, assuming Trump loses the election and is eventually removed from office, I think he’ll develop a media company, positioned to the right of Fox News, and continue, along with his sons, to influence politics for decades to come.

They could have the potential to divide and fracture the Republican Party as “outsiders” against the “establishment.” I believe this influence could be so significant that they’ll eventually form a third party (called “Constitutionalists” or similar), raising up candidates to compete with the other two parties.

If you think we’re polarized now, this scenario would create even more division. And it was all born out of the 2016 election. I’m not sure the GOP really understood what they were getting. Time will tell, if it hasn’t already.

Phil Lapp

West Lampeter Township