It seems to me that these days we as citizens have some very special duties and trusts placed upon us. First of all, we must vote.

And second it is incumbent on us to help limit the spread of the novel coronavirus. The easiest way to do this is to practice social distancing and wear a mask.

You can’t go into a grocery store without a mask, yet the White House and its current occupant seem arrogantly oblivious to this simple measure, and Donald Trump continues to hold rallies.

Your personal freedom not to wear a mask stops at the end of other people’s noses. You cannot guarantee that by exercising your “right” to stay maskless that you won’t spread the virus to others if you do become infected.

Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have had only one job since this global epidemic arrived in America. That is and has been to keep us safe, to keep us protected and to rely on the full force of the federal government and its health agencies to minimize the spread of the virus. In my view, Trump and Pence have failed miserably and totally.

When the virus didn’t magically disappear in April as Trump predicted, didn’t you get the least bit suspicious that maybe it was just another of his lies? If there was a Nobel Prize awarded for telling lies, I believe that Trump would win it hands down.

Trump’s COVID-19 policy seems to boil down to him being absurdly belligerent.

Phil Capp

Manheim Township