President Donald Trump said he didn’t know that influenza killed people! Stop for a moment and ponder the colossal ignorance of that statement, when his own grandfather died at the age of 49 in the 1918 influenza pandemic. Every year thousands of Americans die of the flu, but they wouldn’t be on the radar of anyone as self-involved as Trump.

The news is full of health care professionals desperate for the supplies they need on the front lines of battling COVID-19. But Trump, who likes to posture as a “war president” (unlike the draft dodger he is), didn’t at first want to annoy the business community by using his power to force them to turn out these life-saving supplies.

And he talked about giving taxpayer money to the cruise ship industry in spite of the fact — which, in his abysmal ignorance, he may not know — that many of these companies register elsewhere to avoid paying the taxes that the rest of us pay!

COVID-19 is an enemy that is unaffected by Trump’s deflections, insults and lies. Americans have already died, in my view, because he wanted to minimize the problem rather than confront it. Too bad we don’t have a real wartime president; as a result, there will likely be more avoidable deaths — deaths that he should constantly be reminded of in his reelection campaign.

Louise Barnett

East Hempfield Township