Your deep hatred, which the Democratic Party (and some Republicans) brainwashed you to believe, is that our country had to be changed. You bought into this hogwash.

Somehow you never considered that former President Donald Trump gave us the greatest country ever seen in our history. You personally benefited from many of his programs. His greatest strength was to “Make American Great Again.” Also, to improve the life of every American. He accomplished these and many more programs that, in my view, benefit each of us, regardless of race.

I did not approve of many of Trump’s tweets, as he would get in these name-calling exchanges with others. But you were told from the first day what a hateful person he was, never giving him any credit for all the good he had accomplished for all of us.

The worst thing is that you believed this. How could you buy into this myth?

Well you did, and now all of us unfortunately have President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris leading us. Knowing their terrible policies preached to you during the campaign, you can now watch as Biden destroys our great country.

The sadness is that we have to watch also.

May God have mercy and free the hearts of those whose terrible hatred is so prominent in our society.

Bob Kemp


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