The only thing I believe Joe Biden is going to do is increase taxes on everybody — not just the rich.

We know he likes China. His son Hunter Biden had an investment deal that involved the Bank of China, but Democrats think that’s OK. Biden was in government for more than 40 years, and what has he done besides flip-flop on his decisions?

President Donald Trump made promises and delivered on them. I do not believe that he called military members “suckers and losers.” He couldn’t attend a ceremony at a cemetery in France for Americans killed in World War I in 2018 because his helicopter was grounded by weather. Veterans Affairs is better now than ever — I go to the VA as a Vietnam veteran. Now the left wants to take credit for those improvements. I am better off now than I was four years ago. Look at what Trump did while Congress was holding a kangaroo court to impeach him.

We would all have been better off if Democrats had tried to work with him, but they are poor losers, causing trouble instead of making America better.

Roy M.Jones

Salisbury Township