Admirers of the president are always quick to mention the low unemployment numbers of our economy as if the Trump economy was not an extension of the Obama economic recovery — a recovery from the worst recession since the depression of the 1930s.

What President Donald Trump has done so far is to give wealthy people a huge tax cut; those workers who have found jobs in our expanding economy haven’t received a similar benefit. Trump’s trade war is predicted to cost the average American consumer $1,000 during the coming year, JPMorgan Chase estimates. Ask soybean farmers what it’s already cost them.

Most of the jobs created under Trump don’t pay well. I’m sure “Bob, Sue, and also Jenny” (“New limerickster joins the fray,” Sept. 1 Sunday LNP) would like to make a living wage and have health care, too. If so, they need to vote Democratic in 2020.

Louise Barnett

East Hempfield Township