Letters to the editor

Before refusing to accept that he lost this election, President Donald Trump had already become known to Americans as a liar and narcissist who, in my view, had no competence in governance or interest in it except to increase his personal fortune.

Now we seemingly see the full extent of his apparent unfitness for office. He has reportedly abdicated most of the duties of the presidency in a time of crisis — the pandemic surge — in order to sulk over his loss and do whatever he can to make the transition to Joe Biden’s administration difficult. Contrast this behavior with Richard Nixon’s refusal to question John F. Kennedy’s razor-thin popular vote lead in the 1960 election because he didn’t want to put the country through “the agony of a constitutional crisis.”

In other words, Trump doesn’t hesitate to jeopardize the country. The American people seemingly mean nothing to him. He has shown himself willing to expose them to a deadly disease to satisfy his own vanity, and now his White House is itself a hot spot of the virus. 

Many of Trump's supporters claim that they overlook his defects because of such actions as putting conservative justices on the courts. Such people seem to have only one principle: the end justifies the means. Not exactly a moral position. Those who identify as Christians might ponder these words of Jesus: “What profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul” (Mark 8:36).

Louise Barnett

East Hempfield Township