Letters to the editor

I had the professional and personal opportunities of working with M. Kent Leid, who died June 29, for several years at Lancaster fire headquarters and other locations.

He preferred to be called MK. Over those very entertaining and professional years, MK attempted to educate many firefighters and other first responders, myself included. I served with MK at numerous life-and-death incidents; he was always cool, calm and collected and kept chaotic situations under control. Thanks to him, lives were saved.

I owe to him the training he made me attend for my ability to save my daughter’s life when she nearly drowned. She is alive and well. Thank you, MK.

MK was a proponent of sprinkler systems in all buildings. He was instrumental in training firefighters for underground rescue.

MK helped to train firefighters in rappelling off the Griest Building, which is nearly 200 feet tall. You never know when a situation requiring that training might come up.

So thank you, MK, for your dedication to the fire service and your lifelong endeavor in preventing fires and saving lives and property.

Rest in peace, my brother. It is my honor to have known you and, above all, to have served with you when “it all hit the fan.”

Ed Knight

Retired assistant fire marshal

Lancaster City Bureau of Fire

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