I am writing today in response to LNP’s article concerning two roundabouts opening in Lancaster County (“In the loop,” Oct. 4) — specifically the portion that discusses traffic circles. 

The traffic circles in Maytown and Marietta have been a contentious issue among residents recently. Many residents refused to acknowledge the intersections are traffic circles at all. Although it is great to see acknowledgment that these are circles, I am concerned that the statements made in your article on how to navigate them contradict the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Section 3321.b.3 states that the standard right-of-way rule for entering or approaching an intersection is not applicable “in traffic circles, where the traffic in the traffic circle shall have the right-of-way.”

Although there were old circles of the past that did regulate traffic within the circle, neither Maytown nor Marietta has any regulatory signage within these circles.

I have been to the East Donegal Township supervisors’ meetings several times asking them to review our circle in Maytown and to provide additional and/or different signage that would reflect the current state law and make our circle less confusing to motorists. I am hoping they follow the lead of Gettysburg and New Oxford (both in Adams County) and Jefferson (in York County) by updating all four entrances to yield signs.

Bridey Hannold