LNP | LancasterOnline was seemingly on the verge of finally getting some competition challenging its local monopoly on news (“Alt-right voice sets up shop,” Sept. 27 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline).

So you seemingly shamed The Lancaster Patriot’s advertisers and essentially convinced political leaders to distance themselves.

How dare Lancaster residents get their news with a different point of view?

What makes your news so right and theirs wrong? Is it just because of different beliefs, opinions and causes that don’t align with yours or those you support and publish?

Why doesn’t LNP | LancasterOnline dig up all the dirt on Black Lives Matter and its founders and publish that whole story?

You published a picture “believed to be” Norman Garrison at Art Park during a protest, referencing a video streamed online. Not certain of the significance? Have you viewed livestream of Green Dreamz from that same night? Have you heard what I’d categorize as lies and hatred that spewed from their mouths in that video, which I believe incited violence in Lancaster that same evening? No, all you seemingly publish is what Green Dreamz does for “justice.”

I concur with Dusti Castagna, who was featured in the article about Vice President Mike Pence at the presidential debate watch party ("Battleground state," Sept. 30). “Conservatives are being silenced” and we “can’t speak our minds” without provoking “a lot of rage” from the Democrats.

There’s nothing wrong with a little hard-fought competition. Or is LNP | LancasterOnline trying to suppress opinions that don’t suit?

Unity is “the state of being united as a whole.”

United means “joined together politically, for a common purpose, or by common feelings.”

Which do you truly represent?

Michael Rudisill

Manheim Township