There are many problems associated with a warming environment. The thawing of arctic permafrost will release methane, which has a much higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide. Thawing permafrost may also release viruses and bacteria that have been dormant for millennia and for which we have no natural immunity.

Swimming at nearby ocean beaches can be dangerous since the possibility of getting flesh-eating infectious diseases increases along with water temperature.

The moose population in New England is declining, as many moose have 50,000 or more blood-sucking ticks that slowly kill them. Trout, salmon, white pines and sugar maples may be gone from this part of the country by the end of the century.

Our dependence on fossil fuels may contribute to a catastrophe in the near future. Pennsylvania does not have an agency that regulates interstate pipelines; most people don’t know it and legislators seemingly don’t care.

For now, nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania generate 42% of the state’s electricity and over 90% of its carbon-free electricity. We should rethink closing Three Mile Island. Continuing to operate TMI would have added about $20 a year to the average electric bill. That will look cheap when the bill comes for taxpayers to cap abandoned oil and gas fracking wells.

Natural gas, which releases methane when extracted and carbon dioxide when burned, will replace TMI — not renewable sources. Even if humans aren’t responsible for global warming, we shouldn’t be responsible for adding to it.

Carol Wolford

West Donegal Township