Letters to the editor

After watching the coverage of the horrifying desecration of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, it is clear to me that President Donald Trump is nothing but a coward and a thug. The so-called rally was, in my view, a planning meeting for the ensuing riot by his goon squad.

Since I have no training in the law, I cannot say whether Trump is legally responsible for the deaths resulting from the riot. But it is obvious that he bears a moral responsibility for those deaths.

The enduring legacy of the man who I believe completely mishandled the COVID-19 response is now his incitement of the riot at the Capitol and then his slithering back to the safety of his residence.

I hope he will be prevented from inflicting any more damage prior to the inauguration of President-elect Joseph Biden on Jan. 20.

Robert Bergner

Warwick Township

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