It should have come as no surprise that President Donald Trump contracted COVID-19, since from day one he has dismissed many precautions from doctors and scientists. Now we all know that he lied about it from the beginning because he said he didn’t want to cause a panic. 

The truth doesn’t cause panic, but being lied to has, in my view, led to thousands of deaths. Now that Trump is somewhat better, he’s acting like he did us a favor. “Don’t let it dominate your life,” he tweeted. That’s easy enough if you can be tested every day and then, if you do contract COVID-19, you can demand the treatment you want.

To those who ask whether Democrats gets COVID-19: Yes, I’m sure they do. I don’t think the coronavirus knows which party you support, but it does seize on opportunities such as mass gatherings with few masks and no social distancing.

And some of the same people who would condemn lying, hypocrisy and a total lack of morals in their neighbor will still vote for Trump. I guess they live by two sets of rules.

I just hope the Electoral College gets it right this time. I don’t have the statistics on which party has benefited from this, but it’s quite clear that every vote from “We the people” does not count in the Electoral College system.

Jackie Arndt

Mount Joy