Letters to the editor

I note with interest two recent local developments:

First, congratulations to Dr. Terrance Henderson on his appointment to the Manheim Township school board last month. I welcome his perspective on the challenges facing the district.

Second, color me skeptical that Ethan Demme’s “Serve America Movement” will fix the purported corruption in U.S. politics, given its reliance on funding from Wall Street donors (“Third-party leader seeks change,” by The Philadelphia Inquirer, published in the Aug. 31 LNP | LancasterOnline).

Maldistribution of wealth in America is, by some measures, at a level not seen since the 1920s, and Wall Street represents the top 1% of that wealth. Such maldistribution is an existential danger to democracy and those benefiting most directly from it cannot be trusted to fix it.

Dan Reynolds

Manheim Township

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