For three years, I have struggled to understand how people who call themselves Christian can support the most morally challenged person ever to occupy the Oval Office.

Well, I have had an epiphany. These people long for the day when America was whiter and more Christian. They want to return to when America was “great.’’ I have news for them: There is no going back. While 77% of those over age 65 are white, only 50% of those under age 5 are white. In 25 short years, America will become a white-minority nation, according to government projections.

The current Oval Office occupant preys on the fears of conservative white Americans, especially evangelicals. Consider the “send her back’’ rally recently in North Carolina. The focus was on a duly elected Muslim U.S. citizen from Africa. Her crime: She dares to criticize our so-called president. Can you imagine Jesus participating in such a chant? I think not. If Jesus had been there in disguise and spoken out against the fear and hate, he would have been booed off the stage.

Let us welcome our growing diversity. What would Jesus do? He would urge us to open our hearts and arms to those different from ourselves. Let us act accordingly.

Steven Breza

Warwick Township