Within less than three years’ time, my family suffered two devastating losses — those of my brother Kelly and my son Zach. Both deaths were sudden and unexpected. They had a special relationship in life, and now rest beside each other at St. Joseph Cemetery in Lancaster.

My family would like to “thank” the individual(s) who stole from their graves a wind chime that was a gift for Kelly, and a wrought-iron stand and wreath that were gifts for Zach. You have left my family with additional sadness to add to our loss. These items were placed as much for our loved ones as for those of us who survive — this was part of our grieving process.

We hope that you are enjoying the things that you have stolen, and haven’t destroyed or discarded them as useless trash.

We forgive you and pray that you will think twice before stealing again from a grave. As you hear the wind chime blowing in the breeze or glance at the wreath that adorns your front door, remember where they came from.

Wendy Lefever

West Hempfield Township