I’m wondering if maybe immigration will save this country. Not too long ago, a madman became the leader of a country (Germany) after World War I, and he promised to make it great again. He created jobs while bullying people of different ethnicities he considered not originally native to his country who were living within the country at the time. Eventually he rounded up these people and started killing them. He wanted to produce a master race superior to all others.

After he built up his country, he started to bully other countries and produced such chaos that the world finally had to destroy everything he created, which ultimately led to his suicide. It took the deaths of millions, but we finally got rid of the nut, and his base, Nazis.

We need immigration today to dilute such thinking from destroying us. The more diversity, the safer we’ll be. Study your history so we don’t have to repeat it. I’ll take socialism over fascism any day.

We are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants (unless you’re a Native American or a descendant of slaves).

What do you think made this country great? And by the way, it’s always been great, until recently.

Ben Thompson Jr.