There are four distinct and separate entities involved in the Judge Dennis Reinaker “traffic stop” front-page-featured debacle (“Judge focus of dashcam video,” June 13). They are East Lampeter Police Department, LNP, the judge and the “leaker.”

Though admittedly I’m biased, my familiarity is with three of the four entities worth mentioning here. LNP via its editing staff and reporters has historically treated Lancaster County police officers and detectives with respect, fairness, kindness and accuracy in most all articles. Concurrently, they have afforded the same professional courtesies to magistrates and judges, as well as the district attorney’s office. I have always commended and applauded them for their positive coverage.

East Lampeter Police Department is highly regarded both locally and statewide and traditionally has a reputation of impeccable law enforcement with a stellar conviction rate. And sadly, through the decades it has — via jurisdictional parameters — had to deal with some of the most gruesome and perversely intriguing murder cases in Pennsylvania history. Jesse Dee Wise, Tabitha Buck and Lisa Michelle Lambert, Gary Gerlach and Raymond Rowe — to name a few.

President Judge Reinaker is a great man, a tremendous and highly regarded jurist, and has been a good friend of mine for the past 40 years. He never has nor ever will use his vaunted position for any personal gain or advantage.

This leaves us with entity No. 4: the “leaker.” We’ll never know his/her identity, but I do know they’re grinding an ax. Pathetic.

Detective John R. Lutz, retired

Lancaster County

Drug Task Force