The writer of the Aug. 1 letter “The moral case against Trump” really needs a lesson in American exceptionalism. All the President Donald Trump detractors don’t realize that there isn’t any moral case, because Trump is exceptionally amoral. Why can’t these socialist-leaning naysayers understand that only the great Americans support the Donald and/or enrolled in Trump University, where no one receives an F, unless it’s in front of a U? 

Trump promised to make America great again and he did — just read all his statements listed in his version of running a 10K (The Washington Post Fact Checker). It’s a treasure trove of which all Disney imagineers would be jealous. He kept us out of potential wars and, to the dismay of his general and intelligence community, he did it unconventionally; he believed the words of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un over them. Name one patriotic politician who would be so daring to take that approach?

He’s kept his promises, almost. For health care, he promised to repeal “Obamacare” and replace it with something terrific. He dropped the individual mandate and stripped other aspects of it, so not quite there, but terrifying is close enough to terrific.

The wall is being built; watch for updates on Faux News Network. China is paying for the tariffs while Mexico will also pay, when its visiting citizens purchase American goods. What a “stable genius” Trump is. Trumpers forever! Or until the farm is repossessed, health insurance revoked or job outsourced.

Don Rossi

Manheim Township