Is this really what Republicans have become?

I used to look up to Republicans as people I thought I could trust; they were good, honest people. They were people who stood for what was right about our society. But since President Donald J. Trump and his backers have been allowed to take over our country, we seem to have lost our decency as a nation. We have become a nation with an uncaring, seemingly psychopathic leader.

Why do the Republicans as a political party blindly follow a constantly lying, hypocritical president? Do they lack any will power, or are they just too scared of their own shadows? The Republicans as a political party have become the enablers of this American catastrophe — the mishandled COVID-19 pandemic and the related economic depression.

The Republican Party, by its failure to limit Trump’s actions and condemn his inaction, has permitted the unnecessary deaths of more than 142,000 American citizens so far; the destruction of our previously healthy economy (forcing millions of our citizens out of work, perhaps permanently); and the creation of a national debt that we may never recover from — all to please a self-centered, egotistical and arrogant dictator.

The Republican Party should at least try to stop any further damage and to rebuild the destruction it has already caused. So many acts with such impunity; imagine the vast hidden corruption.

Bruce L. Clark

New Holland