To all the small business owners of Lancaster County who were offended when Gov. Tom Wolf called Republican elected officials here cowardly and selfish, I offer the following words: 

Thank you for your courage, devotion and selflessness. Your creativity, risk, sacrifice and perseverance in the face of many challenges have made this region wonderful and unique. The desire and fundamental right that you possess to open and run your businesses is unquestionable.

While big-box stores operate with hundreds of masked patrons walking their aisles, small businesses are improperly labeled as potential health threats and languish in uncertainty.

We recognize the flaws in the logic applied and the resultant harm that each of you has had to endure. I can only assure you that when you choose to reopen your doors, we will be ready to enter and help you to rebound safely and abundantly.

Thomas Mextorf

Manheim Township