I have been reading Robin DiAngelo’s excellent book “White Fragility” for my book club. A main tenet is that it is difficult to talk about the ingrained system of racism in our country because we focus on individuals who commit racist acts rather than looking at systemic racism. This makes it difficult for white people to see how we participate in and benefit from this system.

Puzzled as to why LNP printed a story about a black woman in Alabama being initially charged in a fetal death — is this important to Lancastrians?

I spent a couple of hours going through the “in brief” and police log sections of my June newspapers. I found 10 pictures of people who were arrested. Only one of them was white, a child pornographer. When I investigated arrested people whose pictures were not included, about half of those I could find online were white people with offenses including theft, aggravated assault, terrorist threats and DUIs (one of which resulted in the death of three children).

I would like to believe this coverage, which I believe is a clear example of systemic racism, is not intentional. I am definitely not suggesting that LNP editors are racist. But this is exactly the type of systemic racism that goes unnoticed by most white people. Intentional or not, it helps white people in our society and hurts nonwhite people. I would urge LNP and all of us to become more mindful about how we participate in racism in our country.

Noel Heitmann