The appearance of yard signs reminds me of this year’s election. The news is so full of 2020 presidential politics, it is easy to forget that there are local elections this November. But local elections are so critical to how our communities function: for planning and financing much of what makes daily life what it is. When local government doesn’t work, essential things don’t get done and the voices of community members aren’t heard.

We made our voices heard in the Manheim Township school board election in 2017. In that election, we voted in large numbers and overwhelmingly to elect the “Support MT Schools” candidates who promised to build our new middle school, which is now being built on schedule and on budget. They pledged to govern with integrity so that our school district would cease to be involved in scandals, which they have. They promised to reach out to and communicate with the community, which they have been doing as well.

That is a record that gives us confidence, and Nov. 5, we need to vote for candidates who will serve our community well. In the Manheim Township school board race this year, my vote will go to the candidates I do have confidence in: Janet Carroll, JoAnn Hentz, Sara Grosh, Teddy Vasquez and Courtney Morton. “Support MT Schools” on Nov. 5.

Pam Middleton

Manheim Township