Letters to the editor

I was shocked to read the article in the April 25 Sunday LNP | LancasterOnline with the headline “Candidates push false claims.” But not for the reasons you might think or hope, since I believe this article was written with a clear agenda and purpose.

I was shocked to see your paper essentially villainize a couple who is running for school board positions and, in the case of the husband, a judge of elections post.

Anyone running for a school board position should do so on the basis of a desire to impact the educational process, which appears to be the Lindemuths’ intention. And anyone running for such a position should have the opportunity to do so to the same extent as anyone else.

I believe that right has been completely violated by the April 25 article, which I found to be opinionated and which essentially denounced the Lindemuths’ beliefs and positions. And it was published on the front page, nonetheless.

Does anyone else see that as a huge power play by LNP | LancasterOnline, using its influence to squash a couple’s right to a political office, as I do?

Isn’t it the role of the voters and the election process to determine if these beliefs are compatible with the people’s objectives — in this case, for the future of education at Elizabethtown Area School District?

Finally, what was the article’s goal in mentioning the Lindemuths’ daughter and giving her this unwanted and probably very undesired publicity?

I believe this article was completely out of line and inappropriate. It’s getting beyond disappointing to see LNP | LancasterOnline’s news stories seemingly continue to voice opinions and positions instead of providing objective reporting.

Amy Jordan

East Hempfield Township

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