In November, we will have another important election in which we will decide who will lead this country. Some state leaders also will be elected. There will be many important issues to vote on.

The ones that are most urgent to me are on the state level.

Senior citizens, as well as single- income widows, should demand property tax reform. The people we have in office simply are not passionate enough to make this happen. When I contact my local representative, I’m told that property tax reform is on the back burner, so to speak.

Surely if our state Legislature can take time for such important things as designating a state amphibian, its members can spend a little more time on property tax reform.

I have listened in on several telephone-style town hall meetings conducted by state Sen. Ryan Aument, who seems to be a long-winded politician who says a lot but accomplishes virtually nothing.

My state legislator, Rep. David Hickernell, has been in office for nearly two decades, and when I contact his office, the results are always the same.

Our current officials have only given this topic a subtle nudge. We need to replace these “lifers’’ with people who will give property tax reform a blatant shove and make it happen.

Let’s get together to elect someone new this fall.

Ronald E. Waugh