I notice that a number of state legislators have recently spent much of their time focused on the courts. The Republicans have been suing the governor, trying to negate his generally successful actions to limit the spread of COVID-19. A state senator was suing in apparent retaliation after questionable campaign spending could not be kept secret.

It would be much more satisfying if legislators would engage in productive activities, such as:

1. Providing fair school funding for all the children of Pennsylvanians, now!

2. Revising the tax structure to make it fairer for all Pennsylvanians and to give cities like Lancaster flexibility in what they can tax.

3. Establishing a nonpartisan commission to draw voting districts throughout the commonwealth.

4. Stopping the diversion of funds meant to repair existing roads and build new ones to the Pennsylvania State Police.

5. Increasing the annual dog license fee from its current $6.50 to fully fund the department responsible for animal control.

When will the state lawmakers act responsibly on our behalf instead of their behalf?

Ed Burnap

West Lampeter Township