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My mother, Ruth Reese, passed away Aug. 26. She lived in Leola, and my sisters and I went to clean out her apartment on Aug. 29.

When we decided to break for lunch, I offered to go to my dad’s favorite “escape” when he was alive — Rosario’s Pronto Pizza shop at 289 W. Main St., Leola, near their apartment building.

My dad loved pizza, while my mother vowed she would “never take one bite of that awful stuff,” and she never did. We decided to celebrate Mom’s “homegoing,” as well as remember our dad, who passed away in 2015.

When I went to pick up the large pizza and bottle of soda, I asked the gentleman if he had been working there for very long, as he looked familiar, and explained how my dad used to come in often for his pizza.

When I described him, the man remembered even the color of his car, that he had served in the military and how “he came in here every day.”

I said, “Yes, that was his fun outing for the day.”

He handed me the pizza box and took my hand and said, “Let’s celebrate together — it’s on me!”

Now that’s what I call service with a smile! Not only that, but the pizza tasted extra good, too! I want to publicly thank Rosario’s for a great product and terrific service!

Kathy Smith

West Lampeter Township

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